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Stay in One of the World’s Most Luxurious Penthouses — For Just $25,000 a Night

Stay in One of the World’s Most Luxurious Penthouses — For Just $25,000 a Night

Because lower floors are for the common folk.

For some travelers, staying in a hotel room with exceptional amenities is equally important as its location and view. And where can you soak up more panoramic vantage points than from a hotel’s penthouse suite? The following seven suites offer prized views, sprawling floor plans, and sumptuous details. Prepare to be pampered!

1Cliff Penthouse Suite at Oil Nut Bay, British Virgin Islands

Nothing defines a luxurious getaway quite like a stay at Oil Nut Bay’s Cliff Penthouse Suite. This lavish 1,344-square-foot suite, with Fendi Casa décor and furnishings, features a stunning wraparound outdoor terrace and full-size infinity pool. The suite is at the highest point of the three Cliff Suites offered at Oil Nut Bay, allowing guests to revel in an unforgettable view of the Caribbean Sea. Rates start at $1,750 per night.

2Federal Suite at The Hay-Adams, Washington, D.C.

Before the Bush family vacated the White House, the Obama family stayed in the Federal Suite at The Hay-Adams. This exceptionally high-end, privately owned five-star hotel located across Lafayette Square from the White House, is frequently listed among the top properties in the world by pubs like Travel + Leisure. Amenities are meted out with the utmost discretion — everything from monogrammed pillow cases to bake-to-order dog treats. The suite itself has a one- or two-bedroom configuration, a private dining room, and a balcony directly overlooking the White House and the Washington Monument beyond it. Rates start at $3,449 per night.

3Penthouse Suite at Rome Cavalieri, Waldorf Astoria Hotels & Resorts

When in Rome, stay at the luxurious five-star Rome Cavalieri, Waldorf Astoria Hotels & Resorts. Its penthouse suite features 2,115 square feet of space, plus an additional 2,300 square feet of private rooftop space including a Jacuzzi that overlooks St. Peter's Dome and Vatican City. The Penthouse Suite is adorned with all sorts of swanky artwork, including a Warhol series and a magnificent Karl Lagerfeld sofa, originally designed for his Paris pad. Stunning bathrooms are paneled in precious marble with malachite inlays and taps made of Swarovski crystals. Rates start at $12,579 per night.

4The L’Appartement Parisien Suite at Prince de Galles, a Luxury Collection Hotel, Paris

The L’Appartement Parisien Suite is a massive two-bedroom apartment that includes a fully-equipped kitchen, two living rooms, one dining room, two full bathrooms, and a private elevator. This Art Deco treasure is a hidden secret on the hotel’s top floor, featuring an 800-square-foot balcony complete with chaise lounges for admiring the sweeping panoramas, including the Eiffel Tower. Other luxuries include Christian Lacroix’s Eygalières toiletry collection, culinary delights created daily by the hotel’s Chef Stephanie Le Quellec, exclusive butler service, and a private wine cellar. Rates start at $15,000 per night.

5The Mulia Mansion, Bali, Indonesia

Located on the white-sand beach of Nusa Dua in Bali, Indonesia, The Mulia Mansion is a totally private, two-story, six-bedroom suite. Inspired by traditional Balinese home design, the indoor-outdoor mansion includes a 24-hour private security gate and guard, dedicated round-the-clock private butlers, a private full-size swimming pool (with hydrotherapy jets) and an outdoor Jacuzzi. Oh, and let's not forget the killer sunrise and ocean views! Additional luxury amenities include Ferragamo bath products, roundtrip luxury airport transfer, dedicated buggy service, daily breakfast and afternoon tea and cocktails, and Dom Pérignon upon arrival. Rates start at $19,800 per night. 

6Dome Penthouse at Café Royal, London

Measuring in at more than 3,000 square feet, the three bedroom Dome Penthouse at Café Royal is the ultimate rock-and-roll residence. The master suite features an impressive circular open space under the iconic copper domed rotunda, which dominates the skyscape of Lower Regent Street. A DJ sound system with concert speakers and a spectacular LED lighting system projected on the domed ceiling transforms this suite from serene and relaxed into party ready. The Dome Penthouse also benefits complimentary airport transfers, access to The Club at Café Royal, private butler service, a personalized butler’s pantry and Bang and Olufsen entertainment systems throughout. Rates start at $20,000 per night. 

7The Martin Katz Jewel Suite at Lotte New York Palace

Sitting pretty 55 stories above Manhattan, the extravagant three-level Martin Katz Jewel Suite at Lotte New York Palace makes guests feel like they are living in a jewelry box. Designed by world-renowned jeweler, Martin Katz, the 5,000-square-foot penthouse features 15-foot windows in the main salon and a rooftop terrace with sumptuous views of the Big Apple skyline. Diamond grout, floating jewel boxes, a 20-foot “Waterfall of Diamonds” chandelier, and jewel tones throughout add to the opulence of this posh penthouse. For guests of the Jewel Suite, Martin Katz is available by special arrangement for private showings, design consultation, and custom design jewelry creations. Rates start at $25,000 a night.
20160427 _ 0725 - 1150 在新竹市 經濟部專業人員訓練中心 2016年經濟部新進人員入門班
環球經濟社社長林建山教授 Dr. Bert J. Lim 針對經濟部及所屬機關新進官員入門觀念及政策發展知識的專題講座。進程熱烈暢順,頗多啟發。
在三個小時講座中,計分五大議題內容研討講授 :
National Competitiveness Strategies on Industrial Taiwan
by Dr. Bert J. Lim 林建山博士
一. 國家競爭力的理論與現實
二. 全球經濟競爭力的新取向與新發展
三. 臺灣產業競爭力的演進與轉變
四. 全球化供應鏈及系統性出口之新挑戰
五. 臺灣產業競爭力優勢的創造與促進
Dr. Bert J. Lim noted 20160427 Taipei.
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答:比如說,華爾街現在跟2000年比,分析師和交易員從10萬人降到5萬人, 已經少了5萬人,就是被機器取代了。
除非你是頂尖,基於多年經驗的累積,或是有獨家資訊,或者是你人就是特別聰明。金融專家,有深度知識(high level knowledge),幾乎沒辦法複製,也不願意對人分享,或者是推理不出來,那你就是華倫巴菲特,可能就沒有辦法以機器來代替。分析師、交易員會愈來愈少,只有最頂尖的才能生存下去,而且最頂尖的人也會把機器作為工具,讓自己變得更厲害。
很厲害的醫生會以人工智慧為工具,差一點的醫生就會面臨挑戰、失業。 更即時、更客製化的服務。
答:教育可能有國家的政策,不見得老師就會失業。但現在我已經投資了一些AI的產品,用它來輔助老師指導學生,學生的平均英文考試成績可以提升30分。 我們投資的公司叫「盒子魚」,它不能完全說是AI,只能說是比老師更好的小老師,用它來輔助小孩子學英文,考試成績可以提高30分。大陸滿分是120分,它可以從70分左右,提高到100零幾分,這是從一個比及格多一點的分數,到一個A的分數。這樣的提升,對學生來說,幫助很大。